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julio 11, 2020

Wally Badarou - Echoes - 1984

Badarou manages to create in “Echoes” a sophisticated synthesis, halfway between the danceable and enjoyable at rest, between the growing Dub experiments oriented to the Club (Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons and others would be influenced and really passionate about the magnificent “Chef Inspector ”), The tropical airs that arose from the mythical studio at Compass Point in Bahamas (where the Compass Point AllStars of Chris, owner, Island owner, resided with Sly And Robbie or Barry Reynolds together with Badarou, who programmed productions and instrumental section for titans like Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones, Spandau Ballet or Talking Heads, among many others) and experimentation with synthesizers like the Moog. The slow yet meandering beats, the refreshing combination of gentle melodies, and its environmental and ethnic resources created an archetype in itself.

Wally Badarou (vocals, piano, guitar, tambourine, mini moog, prophet 5, linn drum, synclavier)
Rebop Kwaku Baah (congas)
Kristina Bengtsson, Genevive Aucer, Andy Lyden, Frankie Gibson, The Gambier School Children (background vocals)

1. Keys, 2:20
2. Hi-Life, 4:42
3. Mambo, 4:57
4. Voices, 3:20
5. Canyons, 3:26
6. Endless Race, 3:41
7. Chief Inspector, 5:58
8. Waltz, 3:43
9. Jungle, 4:58
10. Rain, 3:01 

julio 02, 2020

Bako Dagnon - Sidiba - 2009

Mali has a very rich musical heritage. And Bako Dagnon is one of his living legends, in which it is not difficult to recognize the origin of the Africanity of the Cuban son, cumbia and many of the melodies that have been developed throughout Latin America.

After 35 years of career, Titati (2007) was her discovery to the world, a work that consecrates her among the great African artists. At Titati we can listen to 12 impeccable songs that show the tradition of the Mandingo culture of which Bako Dagnon is a great representative, a production based on respect for the unmistakable acoustic sounds of guitars, flutes, string arrangements with Arabian airs, some precious women's choirs, a double bass and a djembe. But the powerful and fine-tuned voice of Bako Dagnon is the true protagonist of the album, resulting in that magical atmosphere that great masterpieces have. The freshness that exudes the entire work is perhaps due to the direct recording technique, so used in Africa, with all the musicians in the studio at the same time.

In Sidiba (2009), a continuation of Titati, the stories told are of oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation through the griots. Both Titati and Sidiba give us the unique opportunity to get to know intimately the original melodies that are heard inside any Malian house. A precious work.

01. WouyaLarana
02. N'Ouhoumba
03. M'Ba
04. Le Guide De La Révolution
05. Sidi Ba
06. Badjigui
07. Tiga
08. Alpha Yaya
09. Kônô
10. FadeenTô
11. BèBéBorii No Fè

junio 29, 2020

Anouar Brahem - Conte de L'incroyable Amour - 1992

In October 1991 Anouar Brahem recorded his second album for ECM, Conte de L'incroyable Amour. And although this album and its predecessor still have a typical traditional atmosphere, we can already see the different musical directions that our oud master could take. Anouar in his youth was not limited to listening to Arab music, he did not hesitate to explore other parts of traditional music: from the Mediterranean, to the most remote, on the border of Iran and India. For this work Anouar Brahem hired the services of the Turkish musician Kudsi Erguner Sufi teacher of the Mevlevi Emeritus flute player of the nai instrument traditionally used in trance ceremonies for dancing dervishes. Another Erguner compatriot, clarinetist Barbaros Erkose and again Tunisian Lassad Hosni on percussion (darbuka and bendir).

AnouarBrahem: oud
BarbarosErköse: clarinet
KudsiErguner: nai
Lassad Hosni: bendir, darbouka

    Le chien sur les genoux de la devineresse
L'oiseau de bois
Lumière du silence
Conte de l'incroyable amour
En souvenird'Iram

junio 28, 2020

Calypso - Vintage Songs From the Caribbean - 2002

Calypso (2002) is a Putumayo collection that includes Calypso classics and popular songs from the golden era of Caribbean music.
In the 1950s, calypso and other Caribbean folk styles had international repercussions, after the release of "Calypso" by Harry Belafonte in 1956, one of the best-selling records in history. From then on, artists from Barbados, Trinidad, the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands became interested in this new audience. Thus, the rhythms, catchy melodies and double meaning lyrics of Caribbean music reached millions of North American homes.

This album brings us a selection of classics from the legendary ART Records, as well as other gems from various periods of Caribbean musical history. Calypso goes back half a century, to a romantic era that seemed to have been lost in time.

Tracks list:
01. Don't Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette - Bahamas
02. Yes, Yes, Yes - Calypso Mama - Bahamas
03. Take Me Back To Jamaica - The Jolly Boys - Jamaica
04. Crazy Like Mad - Leslie Scott & Irene Williams - Bahamas
05. Peas And Rice - Blind Blake And His Royal Victorians - Bahamas
06. Linstead Market - Lord Composer - Jamaica
07. No More Rocking And Rolling - King Sparrow - Grenada
08. Goombay Drum - The Percentie Brothers - Bahamas
09. Fed-A-Ray - Lord Beginner - Trinidad
10. Kim - Lord Shorty - Trinidad
11. Little Nassau/Bahama Mama - Andre Toussaint – Haiti/Bahamas
12. Barbados Carnival - Mighty Panther - Trinidad
13. J.P. Morgan - The Percentie Brothers - Bahamas
14. The Limbo Song - Frankie Anderson - Bahamas
15. It's Always Springtime In Nassau - Delbon Johnson - Bahamas

junio 24, 2020

Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Fire Dance - 1990

Omar Faruk Tekbilek, one of the main representatives of oriental music, has more than a dozen albums to his credit, and the album Fire Dance (1990) is one of the most applauded in his career. Second album of his international career, it was his second production with Brian Keane (famous composer and musician who ventures into the music of esoteric, Celtic and Tibetan veins) after his celebrated debut with Süleyman The Magnificent (1988), soundtrack of the movie of the same title.

This album can be interpreted as a natural progression from Süleyman, Faruk and Keane's experimentation with instruments from the Middle East and North Africa along with guitars, synthesizers and sophisticated orchestrations, expanding their attention from Turkey to include music from North Africa, Egypt and other Arab and Middle Eastern sources, without distancing himself from the styles that marked and shaped his career in its beginnings, such as Zingara or Sufi music.

Tracks list:
01. Somewhere in the Sahara
02. OğlanBoyun
03. A Call to Prayer
04. Desert Twilight
05. A Passage East
06. Song of the Pharaohs
07. Beledy
08. Fire Dance
09. Ask
10. Village Song
11. Modern Mystics
12. Sahara (reprise)
13. Spirit of the Ancestors
14. Halay

junio 22, 2020

Taj mahal & keb' mo' - Tajmo - 2017 - USA

TajMo marks a timely convergence of the talents of two unique American artists who have already built individual iconoclastic legacies that have broadened and broadened blues traditions in new adventurous territory. The collaboration brings out the best in both artists, combining their voices, personalities, and guitar styles to create vibrant and immediate music, firmly rooted in tradition and governed by a playful sense of adventure. The album features guest appearances by Sheila E., Joe Walsh, Lizz Wright and Bonnie Raitt, who lends her voice to a distinctive cover of John Mayer's anthem "Waiting in the World to Change".

1.Don't Leave Me Here Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 05:02 
2.She Knows How To Rock Me Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 02:40 
3.All Around the World Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 03:22 
4.Om Sweet Om Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' , Lizz Wright 03:35 
5.Shake Me In Your Arms Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 05:58 
6.That's Who I Am Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:17 
7.Diving Duck Blues Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:28 
8.Squeeze Box Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 03:16 
9.Ain't Nobody Talkin' Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:00 
10.Soul Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 06:00 
11.Waiting On the World To Change Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 02:42

junio 20, 2020

Miss Blues - Bad Prospects - 2009 - Oklahoma - USA

For Dorothy Choncie Ellis, of Live Highway, Texas has been a glorious time journey.

Orphaned at a young age, self-determination and love for life and people have led her on many life adventures.

Think for a minute about the live youngster, who momma instilled in her love and respect for books and learning.

From the service dependent cotton fields, Dorothy pursued studies, earning a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Her journey has brought her close to a doctorate, but she has other passions as well.
All along the way, Big-Time Blues sang, and self-published.

"for blacks" Dorothy only a collection of memories in 1979. Dorothy became Miss Blues "when you are a black rat went to sound on the strings. She has performed with Richard" Groove "Holmes, Little Joe Blue , Drink Small, and others; opened by Bo Diddley, has performed at many blues festivals, including Arcadia Blues Festival, Pinedale Blues Festival, Southwest Blues Heritage Festival, Dawn to Dusk Blues Festival and more.
Blues Miss Dorothy Ellis, has the soul of the blues inside. Miss blues and her blues band have performed at festivals across the United States and the world!

He was inducted into the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame in 2004!
In 2007, Blues Miss was voted the Best Blues Band in Oklahoma, and received a "Woody" award from the Oklahoma Gazette, which called her "the first lady of the blues state - whole soul and allows you to I know how to sing songs at the top of their lungs in a way that their many admirers have come to call the Texas Cry! "

01. Blood Running Cold [03:43]
02. Billie's Blues [04:47]
03. Bad Prospects [04:04]
04. Rub Board Boogie [01:49]
05. Trapped [04:43]
06. Midnight Cry [04:11]
07. Sinkin Sinkin Sinkin [06:07]
08. It's Gonna Rain [02:54]
09. Cold Mountains [06:47]