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Carmen Souza - Creology - 2017

Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal return to the road with Creology, twelve musical stories in which jazz is not lacking, the hallmark of the artistic couple. The new work baby of the African Railway project where Souza and Pascal join the Mozambican percussionist Elias Kacomanolis to musically tour the old Portuguese colonies in Africa.

Creology has several meanings; one linguistic, which is the study of Creole languages, and another philosophical that comes from the word create, but with the reasoning of the Greek logos. It also has to do with mixing new influences with old traditions, something that is very important to us, ”explains the Lisbon-born Lisbon-born Carmen Souza.

Personal – Carmen Souza: lead vocals, acoustic piano and guitar; Theo Pascal: double bass, electric bass, percussion and background vocals; Elias Kacomanolis: drums, percussion and background vocals; Featured Guest – Zoe Pascal: drums and percussion.                                       

1: Ligria; 2: Senhorinha; 3: Upa Neguinho; 4: Pretty Eyes; 5: Mon di Deus; 6: Xinxiroti; 7: Tud Tem 1 Razão; 8: London Light; 9: Kem Ka Tem Cabeca; 10: Homem Musica; 11: Escuta Moçambique; 12: Creology.

Visit his website: http://www.radiominorias.com/

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