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Diron Animal - Alone

Born and raised in the Angolan ghetto of Cazenga, the instrumentalist's new album, now based in Portugal, is a melting pot of musical styles and cultures.

"I come from tribal music," says Diron. "I had a traditional music group, then I moved to a Capoeira group where I was a main run and played batuque. At that time I also began to introduce Hip Hop and Kuduro styles. Then I mixed Kuduro with Hip Hop and Kuduro with Rock. Now I am making music for all people and all ages. ”

With a foot firmly established in its ghetto roots, the album is a personal exploration: "Cazenga is a place where many Angolan dances were invented, where children roam barefoot and without food, but can transform their struggles into creativity," says Diron.

This movement and fight is the core of the new album. Traditional African styles combined with the frenetic style of electronic music in Portugal culminate in a vibrant, energetic and rhythmic record that deals with both adversity and positivity.

1. Kema 04:07
2. Ghetto Ghetto 04:03
3. Love Family 05:08
4. Oxala Kuanbote 04:20
5. Don't Stop 03:27 
6. Diculo 02:30
7. Bitch My Love 03:01
8. NCrazy feat. Spoek Mathambo 03:21
9. LM 04:17
10. Help 04:08

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