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Mighty Mo Rodgers & Baba Sissoko - Griot Blues

Mighty Mo Rodgers is a recognized artist a legend of the American blues. He has won many prestigious music awards in the United States and Europe. Mighty Mo Rodgers is a world-class musician whose music is like a breath of fresh air in the world of blues and R&B music.

Mighty Mo Rodgers won many awards: "The Handy Awards" for his album "Blues Is My Wailin 'Wall", (1999); "Living Blues" nominated for the contemporary blues album "Red White and Blues"; "Trophees France Blues" declared him the best international artist for 2001 and 2002; the best composer award (2003); "CHIC De L'Annee" gave him the best blues artist name (2007).

Baba Sissoko is the owner of a great voice and a master of tamani drums from West Africa, as well as many other instruments (ngoni, guitar, drums, balafon, kalabas, sildrum, kamalengoni). His exceptional sensitivity to the musical expression of other musicians led him to collaborate with music stars from around the world such as Salif Keita, Ibrahim Ferrer, Habib Koite, Youssou N'Dour, "Buena Vista Social Club" and many others. Baba Sissoko belongs to a dynasty of Griot Malian singers who possess and transmit the archaic tradition.

Mighty Mo Rodgers - vocal, keyboards
Luca Giordano - guitar
Walter Monini - bass guitar
Pablo Leoni - drums
Baba Sissoko - ngoni, tamani, vocal, guitar

01. Shake 'em Up Charlie (4:09)
02. Mali To Mississippi (3:37)
03. Nalu - Mother (3:24)
04. Donke   Dance (4:53)
05. Demisenu - Children (2:10)
06. The Blues Went To Africa (3:49)
07. Djeli - Griot - Storyteller (3:47)
08. Drunk As A Skunk (3:29)
09. What Is The Color Of Love (3:58)
10. Mo Ba (3:51)
11. Griot Blues (4:38)
12. Kalimba #12 (0:51)

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