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A Cor do Som ao vivo no Montreux International Jazz Festival - Brasil

The group was founded the color of sound in 1977, experimenting with new sound patterns, based on previous experiences of the Bay News, Moraes Moreira Gomes and Pepeu, and a tropicalist. This post-movement is the second group of A Color discs Sound was released in 1978. The band, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was the first group to be invited to play at the jazz festival in Montreux, Switzerland.

With an exaggerated virtuosity, the group presented almost all the unpublished material. A feature that highlights this album is the first important use of electrical instruments and synthesizers, as in the "Child Jesus" version.

The formation of the group is: Aerosmith, Guitar, Dadi, below; Mu Keyboards and Synthesizers Carvalho, Gustavo Schroeter, drums. It is this record that percussionist Ari definitely among the band. In this show, the color of the Aroldo Macedo sound is also offered on the strings, although its name does not appear on the sheet. Aerosmith's brother, Aroldo do some concerts with the group at that time, but could not establish himself as an effective member. One of the works presented in the repertoire, "Cochabamba" is its own, in association with Moraes Moreira.

Despite the great quality music and great creativity of the band, the album, like its predecessor, had very low sales, which leads to the pressure of the group AEM members of the band to pass the present In addition to the usual instrumental pieces, sung songs. This formula was adopted, with some reluctance, the next album, "fruitful", and had a remarkable success, so as a whole to achieve great commercial success in the 1970s and early 1980s.

1-Dança Saci (Mu)
2-Chegando da Terra (Armandinho)
3-Arpoador (Dadi/Mu/Gustavo/Armandinho)
4-Cochabamba (Moraes Moreira/Aroldo Macedo)
5-Brejeiro (Ernesto Nazareth)
6-Espírito Infantil (Mu)
7-Festa na Rua (Dadi/Gustavo/Armandinho/Mu)
8-Eleonor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney)

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