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Aziza Brahim - Abbar El Hamada - 2016 - Sahara

Recorded in Barcelona in the summer of 2015 with the producer of his previous album, Soutak, Chris Eckman (Bassekou Kouyate, Tamikrest), Abbar el Hamada, is a completely convincing example of the pan-musical vision of Aziza Brahim and his most captivating album and varied to date.

“It is meant to be a more energetic and diverse album,” in his own words, “where traditional Saharawi rhythms (such as Asarbat and Sharaa) are mixed with percussions and rhythms of West Africa (particularly, Senegal) and of course, also sounds and Mediterranean rhythms. ”From the throbbing rock of the desert of Calles De Dajla, to the Afro-Cuban inflections of the Cordillera Negra (which evoke the recordings of the Super Rail Band in the 70s) through the dark elegance of El Canto Del La Arena or the raw ballad Mani (which includes the Malian blues master Samba Toure on guitar), Abbar el Hamada's music and lyrics masterfully reflect the tireless and imaginative home search, manifested in the album title.

01 Buscando la paz
02 Calles de Dajla
03 El canto de la arena
04 El wad
05 La cordillera negra
06 Abbar el Hamada
07 Baraka
08 Mani
09 Intifada
10 Los muros

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