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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Book Of Sound

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (also known as The Bad Boys of Jazz) is an eight-piece, Chicago-based brass ensemble consisting of eight sons of the jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran. Their musical style ranges from hip-hop to jazz to funk and rock, including calypso and gypsy music. They call their eclectic blend of sound "now music", or "Hypnotic". Reared in the teachings of music since they were children, they grew up on the stage playing as the "Phil Cohran Youth Ensemble".

1 Lead the Way 3:13
2 Purple Afternoon 6:07
3 Kepra 5:58
4 Morning Prayer 4:24
5 Now 6:19
6 Solstice 4:16
7 Midnight 4:57
8 Sri Neroti 4:06
9 Heaven and Earth 4:34
10 Synapsis 4:49
11 Royalty 3:11

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