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N.O.H.A. - Circus Underground

N.O.H.A. "Noise Of Human Art", is a cosmopolitan band of electronic music and world music formed in Prague (Czech Rep.) In 1995, since then the collective has not ceased to create, experiment and innovate, while growing as a brand and movement, instilling its own philosophy of life "Circus Underground". This is how his fifth album, which they now present to us, is titled, has been awarded as one of the best European live bands. Hits like "Tu Café", "Balkan Hot Step" or "Di-Nero" from his recent album, have gone around the world, leading the band to perform in the most important stages.

When they are on stage, N.O.H.A. It stands out as a living being, a tornado that breathes. The band emits a highly contagious positive energy that navigates the atmosphere of their concerts. N.O.H.A. pulverize the boundaries between different genres of music such as jazz, D&B, hiphop, funk, balkan, flamenco, brasilian beats, swing or afro and thus connect naturally with a dynamic groove, trancero, cheerful and playful, always with an omnipresent base of electronic, dubbies and powerful bass. Hence they have been mentioned as the creators of Ethno-Bass. This force that has the band has been increased thanks to the presence of the American singer Kaia Brown, whose voice, charming, unique, adds a new dimension to the music and the live NOHA. After consecrating this summer 2014 in our land after the performances at the Alrumbo, Reperkusión and Fuerteventura in Music festivals, and the great demand, N.O.H.A.


Philip Noha (Prague, Czech Republic) co-founder, producer, composer and saxophonist
Kaia Brown Voice (NY, USA)
MC Chevy (NY, USA) lyricist, voice co-founder
Thom Herian (Prague, Czech R.) Drums, and dancing
Jatrabass (R. Czech) bass player.

1. Ants 06:08 
2. Di Nero 03:32 
3. Family 04:50 
4. Park of lllusion 06:17 
5. Jungle Nuttah 04:46 
6. Wanna play?! 03:49 
7. Yemanja 07:15 
8. Way 01:3

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