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Quantic & Nidia Góngora - Curao

Curao (2017) means the culmination of a creative association that has been sparkling for a decade, the union between music lover, explorer and sound nomad William "Quantic" Holland and the sublime Nidia Góngora, a magical album, as visceral as spiritual. A new and very original interpretation of the unique, rich and mystical musical traditions of the Colombian Pacific Region.

Curao is the place where the ancestral sound of Pacific folklore is mixed with subtle dyes of electronic arrangements. A sound space where the marimba de chonta (piano of the jungle) is twinned with the downtempo, where the currulao coexists with the dub, where the chirimía and the airs of drum & bass intersect, mix.

In this creation of 18 songs is the jungle, the brave river, the rain; coconut rice, borojó, crabs, shrimp, viche; religion, lullabies, redemption; the marimba de chonta, the drummers, the metallic winds. All in a description that is pure magical realism where the landscapes of the deep Pacific are painted. A trip to the ancestral with a modern sound in which it is clear that the Quantic-Gongora union will always bring us sound magic to abstract us into deep and mystical jungles.

01. Intro
02. E Ye Ye
03. Que me duele?
04. Dub del Pacifico
05. Interludio I
06. Se lo ví
07. Muévelo Negro
08. Amor en Francia
09. Ojos Vicheros
10. Ñanguita
11. Dios promete
12. Interludio II
13. María no me llevo
14. Interlucio III
15. Un canto a mi tierra
16. No soy del Valle
17. Interludio IV
18. Maldito muchacho

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