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Rio Mira - Marimba Del Pacifico

In 2014, the creative impulses of Colombian producer Iván Benavides joined those of Ecuadorian Ivis Flies. The result was Río Mira, a super group of all stars that included musicians from the Colombian and Ecuadorian Pacific and that precisely bears the name of the river that both nations share, which is born in Imbabura, Ecuador and ends in Nariño, Colombia.

What three years ago was formed as an idea, shared territory and explored the sonority of a particular mutual geography, today it famously receives the fruits of its work materialized in a 12-song album published by AYA Records and baptized in a minimalist way, but successful, Marimba del Pacífico: a title that contains much more than an instrument and a place on the map, the backbone and the inspiration of more than a dozen musicians who were part of the process, including Esteban Copete, Karla Kanora, Hugo Quiñonez, Larry Preciado and Eduardo Martínez among others.

Marimba del Pacífico could well be understood as an anthology of stories born from the oral tradition that inhabit both territories that were immortalized musically, as if they were photographs, portraits of these enchanting landscapes. It is a sometimes mystic jungle disk and other times partisan vindicator.

Songs like 'Adiós Morena', standard of the Colombian Pacific folklore, 'Agua', 'Rconca Canalete' and 'They were crying', are presented as a lament in the form of a lullaby, of moments and experiences that are there, forming the most melancholic landscape , while 'Guarapo', 'Patacore', 'Whirlwind' and 'Adarele Andarele', represent the most fierce and frenetic spirit of both nations.

And a couple of songs like 'Aguacerito' that acts as an interlude cobijador and 'Chicungunya' that closes the album with another one of those experiential narratives in the territory.

In short, it is an album that celebrates the marimba de chonta and the piano of the jungle as the tool to tell and twin two nations through music in a magnificent creation.

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