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Bholoja - Swazi Soul - 2010

Bholoja (Mbongiseni Ngubane) is a young and gifted musician, very celebrated in his home country, Swaziland. His striking multicolored voice and his talent for writing songs has been redeemed the admiration of his court of followers, which has expanded beyond the borders of his land. His inspiration is the Swazi tradition and way of life; His music (which includes mbira, sitolotolo and traditional harmonies) seeks to ensure that an essential part of the Swazi cultural heritage is not a victim of historical negligence.

Bholoja's music, which is framed in the so-called “Swazi Soul” (a combination of folk, soul and afro-jazz), is gaining popularity in both Swaziland and South Africa, and fits as a social narrative, speaking to the listener's own conscience thanks to his strength as a lyricist. Most of his songs focus on social and economic issues that govern people's daily lives. With a contagious and optimistic sense of humor that prevails throughout all his music, his appeal extends to both young and old thanks to his ability to create a unique sound that can be appreciated by the multicultural audience.

Since he debuted in 2004, his growth as an artist has been seen as he has shared scenarios with big names like Lokua Kanza, Oliver Mtukudzi, Freshlyground and Hugh Masekela, among others.

Swazi Soul (2010) and Swazi Soul II: Luyasikwa Luyamila (2016) are the samples of his unique style, the foundations for the singers of his land to embrace his tongue and share Suazi stories through the channel of his conducted songs for his guitar

Tracks list: 
01. Indzawo Yami
02. Mbombela
03. Ikhonkhotsa llele
04. From Zero to Hero
05. Ngikhumbula Ngisemncane
06. Africa Unite
07. Iyakhalindvodza
08. Umkhuleko
09. You And I
10. Umhlaba Uyahlaba
11. Ilawonde
12. King Somhlolo's Dream

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