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Daniel Zamir - Missing Here

"Missing Here" is the seventh album of the great saxophonist / Israeli composer Daniel Zamir, one of the most renowned Israeli jazz musicians born in the country, who also managed to establish an international career. Zamir was born in a secular family, but during his stay in the United States he rediscovered the Jewish religion and became an Orthodox Jew. Zamir lived in the USA. UU. Since 2000 and returned to Israel in 2006, where he now lives, writes music, acts and records. During his stay in the United States, John Zorn "discovered" it and finally recorded four (so far) albums for the Tzadik de Zorn label. This is his third album recorded and released in Israel. His music is a wonderful mix of Klezmer, Jewish music, Eastern Europe and, of course, Jazz, which is completely unique. His technical fluency and unlimited expressionist powers place him among the virtuosos of the world saxophone.

Now he plays the soprano saxophone exclusively and its sound is often reminiscent of that of John Coltrane. This album includes music composed entirely of him and is accompanied by some of the best Israeli jazz performers: Omer Klein - piano, Omer Avital - bass and Cohen - drums. Invited players include trumpeter Itamar Borochov and trombonist Avi Leibovitch. The Israeli singer / pianist Eviatar Banai invited in the main song. The album is a beautiful listening experience for all lovers of sensitive music, and everyone can discover the different facets of this great music. Totally recommended!

01. Poem 33 (6:06)
02. Poem 54 (5:19)
03. Letter He (7:14)
04. Scent of an Apple Redness of Red (4:39)
05. Poem 42 (4:33)
06. Poem 51 (9:48)
07. Eleven (Question Mark) (6:29)
08. Poem 47 (Duet) (4:22)
09. 7 Measurements (6:22)
10. Love (7:18)
11. Missing Here (3:07)

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