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Mad Sheer Khan - 1001 Nights - 2000 - Argelia

Born in the Algiers casbah, Mad is the son of an Algerian mother and a Persian father. He began composing at age fifteen, with the idea that music is a universal language that everyone understands, that sound has the power to contribute to a better future. Mad plays the dilruba (former original violin from northern India born more than 300 years ago) and the esraj, and has delved into Persian music, Baul music, and Gnawa music.

At the age of 17 he took to the road with his guitar, and for a year he was living on the street, beginning his learning in a radical way.

Since the age of 18, when he founded the Rahmann group, Mad has played with John McLaughlin, Nico, from Velvet Underground, Mickael Riley (Steel Pulse / Reggae Philarmonic Orchestra), Sapho, Harem, Mickael Hutchence, Keziah Jones, Axel Bauer and Sting. The result of all those past experiences, and their personal feelings about the emigration of people and cultures is currently defined under the expression of "traditions avant-garde".

In 2000, Mad releases "1001 Nights" (Erato / Warner classic), a composition for 7 singers from 7 different cultures (Navajo, Tibetan, Algerian, Gnawa, Indian, Hebrew and Persian) combining a classical chamber orchestra with prestigious soloists as L. Subramanian or Alla. "1001 Nights" ranked 6th on the European List of World Music.

01  Night of Algeria 5:34
02  Night of Gnawas 9:44
03  Night of Hebrews 8:34
04  Night of Navajos 8:55
05  Night of Tibet 7:43
06  Night of India 11:20
07  Night of Persia 11:13

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