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Oumou Sangare - Mogoya - 2017

Oumou Sangaré was crowned long ago musical royalty in Mali. Known for her formidable voices and fearless messages, she is known both for her feminine sovereignty and for her comprehensive depth of traditional style. In the late eighties he gained popularity with his interpretation of Wassoulou music, a regional style based on long-standing hunter songs that have a strong bond with the African blues, soul and funk. The celebration of a Grammy in his name, is not only an African star, but an international figure.

His latest release, the last one in nine years, is called Mogoya which means 'The people of today', the album talks about the daily struggles of those who live in Mali, particularly the struggles of women. The songs reveal a lion heart soul dedicatedly delivering tales of emotional conflict.
The second song 'Yere Faga' with Tony Allen (former drummer of Fela Kuti) is a groove infested piece. This beat crawls directly under your skin. Starting with a flurry of beautiful voices of immediate layers, the back-beats ghosts begin to form the march to their protest. Sangaré is a diva with rich voices but unfortunately, the strength of her sensationally charged raw lyrics is stifled by reverberation. However, there is great strength in the minimalism of this track, where no instrument talks about the main voice and allows it to concentrate completely. The rapid rains of the electric guitar and the melodies that revolve around its vocal strides.

1. Bena Bena
2. Yere Faga Ft. Tony Allen
3. Fadjamou
4. Mali Niale
5. Kamelemba
6. Djoukourou
7. Kounkoun
8. Minata Waraba
9. Mogoya

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