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Terra Incognita - Tribal Gathering - 1997

In Tribal Gathering Chinmaya Dunster, Ravi and Prem Joshua have gathered a collection of styles from around the world, from America to the Middle East, Africa, India and the Balkans. All handmade, the music is impressive a meeting of some of the most magical instruments in the world, kora, sitar, flutes, drum and Sarod giving a sense of color to the mixture of excellent rhythms and beautiful sounds, a highly recommended album.

Prem Joshua: sitar, flutes
Chinmaya Dunster: sarod
Ravi: kora (African harp)

01 Kafi (5:01)
02 Etruscan Places (6:24)
03 Tilak (4:54)
04 Sacred Dance (2:48)
05 Cala Violina (4:29)
06 Sufis And Gypsies (5:47)
07 Mountains Of The Moon (6:54)
08 Under The Carob Tree (3:33)
09 Rhythem House Classic (4:16)
10 Never Mind The Pandits (4:52)
11 Havana Baba (2:34)
12 Tribal Gathering (7:31)
13 Zenith (3:11)
14 Shahana (6:12) 

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