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The Soil - Nostalgic Moments

Capella singing is one of the great traditions of South African music, and The Soil has transformed the genre with a bravely contemporary approach. In just under four years, since the release of his self-titled album of multiple awards and double platinum disc, The Soil has already earned a place in the heart of the music world. His style is defined as "Kasi Soul", an eclectic mix of musical genres to swing, hip-hop, afro-pop, soul and jazz. Occasionally they sound like a simplified or updated version of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, with whom they interpret "Hamba Uyosebenza". Like Ladysmith, they might well be massively known, but they have chosen to preserve their African roots.

Each member of the group plays a distinctive role, with Buhlebendalo Mda as leader, Ntsika Fana Ngxanga who adds robust lines of harmony, and his brother Luphindo "Master P" as human beatbox. With Nostalgic Moments (2014), The Soil continues with its goal of merging their voices to give us melodic and harmonious messages aimed at raising the spirit for the enjoyment of all audiences.

01. Unspoken Word (Intro)
02. We Are One (Celebrate Humanity)
03. Susan (feat. Khuli Chana)
04. Noma Ungahamba
05. Streets of Soweto
06. Hamba Uyosebenza (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
07. Ndibambe Kanje
08. Before
09. Andinanto
10. Asante Sana
11. Mkhuluwa

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