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Totó la Momposina - Tambolero

Tambolero is the "new" work of singer Toto la Momposina, considered cultural treasure of her country. Since the 1970s he has been singing and dancing to the music of the Caribbean coast of Colombia on stages around the world.
Her album La Candela Viva, which she recorded for Peter Gabriel's Real World Records in 1993, was her debut album, internationally, despite being an artist with a lot of experience on stage, a definitive outbreak of the vibrant mix of African influences, indigenous and Spanish women who make up the majestic sound of their land along the Caribbean coast. His latest collection, Tambolero, is a recreation of that seminal album.
Reviewing the original recordings, producer John Hollis discovered more than 20 songs that had not been used. For this new production the original tapes were restored, taken to digital formats and reissued and mixed. Some instruments were also added and the choirs were reinforced with the voice of two granddaughters of Toto, Mª del Mar and Oriana Melissa Hollis.

Tambolero is another definitive artistic manifestation of an artist who has just entered her 75th anniversary wearing sixty-seven as an interpreter.

01. Adiós Fulana
02. El Pescador
03. Chi Chi Mani
04. Curura
05. Gallinacito
06. La Sombra Negra
07. Dame la mano Juancho
08. La Candela Viva
09. Dos de Febrero
10. Malanga
11. La Acabación
12. Tambolero

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