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enero 30, 2020

Kehinde Oladele Arifayan - KEYBONE - Going Pro - Vol. 1

KehindeOladeleArifayan; (born on April 17, 1984), professionally known as KEYBONE, is a Nigerian songwriter, Hip-Hop/Rap artist, whose music journey started at a tender age from poetry and influenced by a vast wealth of African beats, rhythm and soul music. Being born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Keybone's music style, originality and interests developed into conscious music and releases his debut album titled; Going Pro, Volume 1. Songs like Be Careful, Let Me Go, Look At Me Now, New Me and Ain't A Guy Like Me are worth checking out.

I, KehindeOladeleArifayan, KEYBONE is the copyright owner of the submitted album, fully own the rights to distribute this recording and agree to have my music aired on your radio for airplay rotation. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email and let me know if you need any particular song in mp3, a different kbps or anything else. Your love, kindness and support will be greatly appreciated.

Track List:

Keybone - All For Love (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - Be Careful (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - Born Like This (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - Let Me Go (Prod. by Kimzbeatz, Vugar M Beats)
Keybone - Look At Me Now (Prod. by Kimzbeatz)
Keybone - My House (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - No Twar (Prod. by Zoocci Coke Dope)
Keybone - Nobody Does (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - New Me (Prod. by Vugar M Beats)
Keybone - Unlike Those Ho's (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - Ain'tA Guy Like Me (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - Yes I Am (Prod. by Dr Jazz)
Keybone - When I Am High (Prod. by Kimzbeatz)

Website: http://www.officialkeybone.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialkeybone
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/officialkeybone
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/officialkeybone
SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/officialkeybone
Vevo ID: KeyboneVevo
Skype ID: Kehinde.Arifayan
Whatsapp / Phone #: +2349030260990
Booking email: bookkeybone@gmail.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR3Pmm8jrrMm5SeNtzaWW3Q

enero 25, 2020

Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani - Assikel - 2008

"Assikel, de Bali à Baly" met enmusique et en images, le cheminparcouru par Steve Shehan de Bali, l'île de l'Indonésie, à Baly, l'homme "bleu", sur le thème de la rechercheidentitaire.Lamusiqueestune rencontre d'instruments qui mettentenvaleuruneautreapproche de la liberté de créerdépassant les limites de l'appartenance.Baly nous a quitté le 18 juin 2005 et c'est pour honorersamémoire et allerjusqu'au bout du rêve et de son engagement que Steve Shehan sort cenouvel album inéditrendanthommage à ce grand poète du désert.Tournédans le Sahara, à Paris, et à New-York, avec une multitude d'images et de photos d'archives, cedocumentaireregroupeunevingtaine de témoignages de personnes qui ontcroisé et bousculé, d'unefaçonoud'uneautre, le chemin de Steve Shehan.

1 Transhumance 1:38
2 Addalen 5:25
3 Ayeten Erkaden 3:45
4 Tidiout 6:00
5 WaghAzaman 6:50
6 Djanet Ben Ljbal 4:47
7 Attahadum 6:53
8 After Dinner Impro 2:46
9 Tara Tahin 5:20
10 Ticharaten 6:34
11 AssoufIllougan 6:07
12 Ténéré 5:01
13 NoblesseOblige 1:42

enero 20, 2020

Concha Buika - La noche mas larga - 2013

The longest night (2013) is the sixth studio album by the Mallorcan Concha Buika, which includes classic themes of different styles but that have marked different moments of her life, reinventing them and giving them passion and emotion in equal parts.

The longest night is the first one that has published with new material since it launched the compilation In my skin in 2011. The last drink, recorded in 2009 with Chucho Valdés, earned him the 2010 Latin Grammy "Best Traditional Tropical Album". The songs that Pedro Almodovar chose for his film "The skin that I inhabit" ("For the love of love" and "I found it easy") finished catapulting it internationally. And an article published online in 2010 on npr.com defined it as the "Voice of Freedom" by grouping it with 50 other voices in a list called 50 Great Voices.

His new album contains twelve songs. Buika signs five of them, including two compositions that he already recorded for En mi piel, and which now reappear in radically different versions, soaked in the strength of an artist who defies the dictatorships of styles. Thus, "How was it" and "I dream of it" become part of that journey that crosses the waters of jazz, flamenco, African and Cuban music, towards a style of their own, "very Buika", with fellow travelers as guitarist Pat Metheny, who accompanies her in "I don't know." The longest night also has seven versions that also define its sound universe. Themes by Roque Narvaja, Rodolfo Páez, Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, Dino Ramos, Ernesto Lecuona and Jacques Brel, and jazz standards in English such as "Don´t explain" and "Throw it away", compositions that the Mallorcan takes to Your passion territory.

In the company of "her two pillars, her children, two great eminences", as she calls them, which are Iván "Melón" Lewis (piano, keyboards, percussion, arrangements and musical direction) and Ramón Porrina (percussion, choirs, arrangements) , Buika has produced this album with Eli Wolf, registered between the BB&B Studios in Miami and the Sear Sound Studios in New York. Also collaborating are John Benítez (bass), Juan José Suárez "El Package" and Carlos de Motril (flamenco guitars), Carlos Sarduy (trumpet) and Dafnis Prieto, Israel Suárez "El Piraña" and Pedrito Martínez (percussion). This is the longest night, a work that the author describes as a beautiful goodbye and a wonderful greeting of welcome. "I am on roads, not on goals. I was beginning to have a feeling of wanting to reach a goal and not. I like risk."

01. Sueño con ella (versión 2013)
02. Siboney
03. Ne me quitte pas
04. Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón
05. La nave del olvido
06. La noche más larga
07. Don't Explain
08. No lo sé (feat. Pat Metheny)
09. Santa Lucía
10. Los solos
11. Como era (versión 2013)
12. Throw it away

enero 15, 2020

Boncana Maïga - Koyma Hondo

He Afro Funk side of the Latin Soul maestro !

Born in Gao ( Mali), Boncana Maïga is one of the most talented and popular producer of west african music since the 60’s. He studied flute and latin arrangements in Cuba during the 60’s and founded the famous « Les Maravillas du Mali » in 1968.

He became orchestra leader for the national ivorian tv in Abidjan in the mid seventies, toured all over the world with the famous Africando band.

During his recording sessions in NYC at the beginning of the 80’s with a lot of « Latin musicians » from Puerto Rico, Venezuela or Colombia, Boncana Maïga also recorded few rare Funky tracks with heavy breaks !With the artist, we decided to reissue four rare tracks from 1978 to 1982 dedicated to dancefloor , included a really rare soundtrack for the oil company of Ivory Coast called « Petroci ».

In 2018, he’ll be back on tour with « Les maravillas du Mali « , still have a weekly TV show on TV 5 Monde and with this reissue will continue to warm your Afro Funk parties !

Side A

– Koyma Hondo ( 3.58)
– Zourou ( 4.16)

Side B

– Yala M’le ( 4.28)
– Petroci ( 2.23) 

enero 10, 2020

Etran Finatawa - The Sahara Sessions - 2013

Etran Finatawa ("the stars of tradition") is the only band in the world that combines the cultures of the Bororo (distinguished by their unique face paintings) and the Tuaregs. The Bororo or Wodaabe culture adds special characteristics to the music: the polyphonic song and its percussion, which joins the Tuareg traditions sounds. The result is a type of desert blues that comes from the Sahel savanna (Niger).
Released in 2004 during the Festival au Désert, in Mali, Etran Finatawa belong (like Bombino or Tinariwen) to that saga of artists who have made the desert blues something suggestive and unmistakable, a spectacular direct that can be seen in their previous work Tarkat Tajje - Let´s Go! (2010), recorded on their European tour of 2009. In it they create a unique and different sound, where their ideas and concerns regarding their traditional way of life are threatened with extinction, in a society immersed in a change Global continuous. His second album Desert Crossroads (2008) was an exploration of the difficulties of being a nomadic people.
And in May 2013 they released their third album to date, The Sahara Sessions. The title perfectly defines the essence of the group's work, for which they decided to set up a recording studio in the middle of the desert on the outskirts of the city of Korey Gourou, in Niger.
The result is a disc that sounds different. The cuts that compose it feel more pure and convey a suggestive sound that transport to the arid desert (its starry nights and its calm), with its particular guitar and percussion riffs that are intertwined in each theme creating a perfect fusion between rhythm and the melodic base that compose them. To all this are added the voices of Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla and Bammo Agonla, who invite us to reflect on the conflict of survival of the culture of the Tuareg peoples.

Political problems and serious economic difficulties represent a dangerous threat to the nomadic way of life and the rich cultures of Niger. Hopeful in a solution to these problems, Etran Finatawa celebrates its cultural roots and calls for the conservation of nomadic peoples to be a priority for both Niger and listeners around the world.

Tracks list:
01. Matinfa
02. Gonga Timouhar
03. Icheraid Azaman
04. Wa Oyan A Wa Imouss I Bastila
05. An Mataf Germanawen
06. Eldam
07. Ahewalan
08. Bakuba
09. Atherlak
10. Djojaréré
11. Issaud
12. Is Ler Is Salan
13. In De Hallad
14. Im Raharan
15. Taborilit
16. Toumast

enero 05, 2020

Idir - La France des Couleurs...

Idir is the stage name of Hamid Cheriet, an Algerian singer-songwriter born in the Kabilia region in 1945. He is one of the greatest exponents of Amazigh folk music. In the early seventies he supported the beginning of the career of the young and controversial anti-Muslim singer Lounès Matoub (who would be killed by Muslim fans in 1998). In the mid-seventies he managed to popularize "A vava Inouva", a Cabilian song in the Berber language. In 1999, Idir recorded the album Identités, where Khalida Toumi, Karen Matheson, Manu Chao, Geoffrey Oryema, Brahim Izri, Thierry Titi Robin, Barbès National Orchestra, Dan Ar Braz, Maxime Le Forestier, Zebda and Gnawa Diffusion, collaborated others.

In 2007, in pleine campagne présidentielle française, Idir signed an album non politique mais républicain: La France des couleurs. L'album, «défend les couleurs de la France» comme aime à le répater l'artiste lui-même. Sur cet album, il invite la jeune génération à composer avec lui des chansons autour de ce thème qui lui est cher, l'identité. Named by artistes comme Akhenaton, Grand Corps Malade, Zaho et beaucoup d'autres posent ainsi textes, rage et sensitites aux côtés du tonton kabyle.

01. Je Viens de Là l'On M'Aime (04:00)
02. La France des Couleurs (03:23)
03. Ce Cœur Venu d'Ailleurs (03:44)
04. Marche Sur Jérusalem (04:13)
05. Lettre à Ma Fille (03:22)
06. Tout Ce Temps (02:45)
07. Africa Taferka (03:41)
08. Retour (03:04)
09. Interlude (00:17)
10. Ya Babba (03:50)
11. Mama (04:53)
12. Sous le Ciel de Marseille (03:41)
13. Afous (02:54)
14. Médailles en Chocolat (03:46)
15. A Mon Père (03:32)
16. Pèlerinage (03:20)
17. D'Où Je Viens (04:07)