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Concha Buika - La noche mas larga - 2013

The longest night (2013) is the sixth studio album by the Mallorcan Concha Buika, which includes classic themes of different styles but that have marked different moments of her life, reinventing them and giving them passion and emotion in equal parts.

The longest night is the first one that has published with new material since it launched the compilation In my skin in 2011. The last drink, recorded in 2009 with Chucho Valdés, earned him the 2010 Latin Grammy "Best Traditional Tropical Album". The songs that Pedro Almodovar chose for his film "The skin that I inhabit" ("For the love of love" and "I found it easy") finished catapulting it internationally. And an article published online in 2010 on npr.com defined it as the "Voice of Freedom" by grouping it with 50 other voices in a list called 50 Great Voices.

His new album contains twelve songs. Buika signs five of them, including two compositions that he already recorded for En mi piel, and which now reappear in radically different versions, soaked in the strength of an artist who defies the dictatorships of styles. Thus, "How was it" and "I dream of it" become part of that journey that crosses the waters of jazz, flamenco, African and Cuban music, towards a style of their own, "very Buika", with fellow travelers as guitarist Pat Metheny, who accompanies her in "I don't know." The longest night also has seven versions that also define its sound universe. Themes by Roque Narvaja, Rodolfo Páez, Billie Holiday, Abbey Lincoln, Dino Ramos, Ernesto Lecuona and Jacques Brel, and jazz standards in English such as "Don´t explain" and "Throw it away", compositions that the Mallorcan takes to Your passion territory.

In the company of "her two pillars, her children, two great eminences", as she calls them, which are Iván "Melón" Lewis (piano, keyboards, percussion, arrangements and musical direction) and Ramón Porrina (percussion, choirs, arrangements) , Buika has produced this album with Eli Wolf, registered between the BB&B Studios in Miami and the Sear Sound Studios in New York. Also collaborating are John Benítez (bass), Juan José Suárez "El Package" and Carlos de Motril (flamenco guitars), Carlos Sarduy (trumpet) and Dafnis Prieto, Israel Suárez "El Piraña" and Pedrito Martínez (percussion). This is the longest night, a work that the author describes as a beautiful goodbye and a wonderful greeting of welcome. "I am on roads, not on goals. I was beginning to have a feeling of wanting to reach a goal and not. I like risk."

01. Sueño con ella (versión 2013)
02. Siboney
03. Ne me quitte pas
04. Yo vengo a ofrecer mi corazón
05. La nave del olvido
06. La noche más larga
07. Don't Explain
08. No lo sé (feat. Pat Metheny)
09. Santa Lucía
10. Los solos
11. Como era (versión 2013)
12. Throw it away

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