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Etran Finatawa - The Sahara Sessions - 2013

Etran Finatawa ("the stars of tradition") is the only band in the world that combines the cultures of the Bororo (distinguished by their unique face paintings) and the Tuaregs. The Bororo or Wodaabe culture adds special characteristics to the music: the polyphonic song and its percussion, which joins the Tuareg traditions sounds. The result is a type of desert blues that comes from the Sahel savanna (Niger).
Released in 2004 during the Festival au Désert, in Mali, Etran Finatawa belong (like Bombino or Tinariwen) to that saga of artists who have made the desert blues something suggestive and unmistakable, a spectacular direct that can be seen in their previous work Tarkat Tajje - Let´s Go! (2010), recorded on their European tour of 2009. In it they create a unique and different sound, where their ideas and concerns regarding their traditional way of life are threatened with extinction, in a society immersed in a change Global continuous. His second album Desert Crossroads (2008) was an exploration of the difficulties of being a nomadic people.
And in May 2013 they released their third album to date, The Sahara Sessions. The title perfectly defines the essence of the group's work, for which they decided to set up a recording studio in the middle of the desert on the outskirts of the city of Korey Gourou, in Niger.
The result is a disc that sounds different. The cuts that compose it feel more pure and convey a suggestive sound that transport to the arid desert (its starry nights and its calm), with its particular guitar and percussion riffs that are intertwined in each theme creating a perfect fusion between rhythm and the melodic base that compose them. To all this are added the voices of Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla and Bammo Agonla, who invite us to reflect on the conflict of survival of the culture of the Tuareg peoples.

Political problems and serious economic difficulties represent a dangerous threat to the nomadic way of life and the rich cultures of Niger. Hopeful in a solution to these problems, Etran Finatawa celebrates its cultural roots and calls for the conservation of nomadic peoples to be a priority for both Niger and listeners around the world.

Tracks list:
01. Matinfa
02. Gonga Timouhar
03. Icheraid Azaman
04. Wa Oyan A Wa Imouss I Bastila
05. An Mataf Germanawen
06. Eldam
07. Ahewalan
08. Bakuba
09. Atherlak
10. Djojaréré
11. Issaud
12. Is Ler Is Salan
13. In De Hallad
14. Im Raharan
15. Taborilit
16. Toumast

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