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Bako Dagnon - Titati - 2007

Bako Dagnon is one of Mali's living legends, griot de griots, living memory of the ancestral Mandinga culture. So much so that the great Ali Farka Touré consulted her regularly, praising her knowledge of the country's history. In Titati we can enjoy his keen sense of melody and one of the best voices of all time in Africa.

After 35 years of career, Titati (2007) was his discovery to the world, work that consecrated it among the great African artists. Inside we can hear 12 impeccable songs that show the tradition of the Mandinga culture, produced by the musician François Bréant and Ibrahima Sylla (SyllartProductions). The exquisite production is based on respect for the unmistakable acoustic sounds of the guitars (interpreted, masterfully, by Mama Sissoko and FantaMadyKouyate), flutes, string arrangements with Arab airs, beautiful women's choirs, a double bass and a djembe . But the powerful and refined voice of BakoDagnon is the true protagonist of the album, resulting in that magical atmosphere that the great masterpieces have. The freshness that oozes the entire work may be due to the direct recording technique, so used in Africa, with all the musicians in the studio at the same time.

Both in Titati and Sidiba (edited in 2009, a continuation of Titati) the stories that are told are from oral tradition, passed from generation to generation through the griots. A unique opportunity to know intimately the original melodies that are heard inside any Malian house. A privilege.

01. Donsoké (con KerfalaKanté)
02. Toubaka
03. Lassidan
04. SansandoMinata
05. Noumou
06. Bounteni
07. Titati
08. Salimou
09. Saliya
10. Ikérifayé
11. Télemba
12. Bélébélé

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