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Ballake Sissoko - At Peace - 2012 - Mali

"Three years after those nights of diagram recorded on the march to Bamako with VincentSegal (chamber music), the virtuoso Kora has found peace near Angoulême, in the Charente field. Continuity in the change, since the cellist is still a climate of adventure always introspective, but this time for the production, also occasionally on the record, with other accomplices old griot, cello, guitars, balafon all complement ... wide and soft breathing inside his guest BallakéSissoko countries and in different configurations (solo, duo, trio and quintet), to decline in their twenty-one infinite chains variations of their inspiration: Mandingo simple sentences, often repetitive, modulated by subtle changes of rhythm or mode. Cultivate a sober serenity , touches the hue that contrast. Suddenly, his new book, less lyric, sometimes lacks brightness. Conversely, the tandem formed kora and the twelve-string guitar of Aboubaca r "Badian" Diabate works wonders, especially N'tomikorobougou a long trance (ten minutes), dense, extremely nervous when even crickets play their part. Following Asa Branca, strong recovery in a standard Brazilian trio brings a breath of fresh air.

1. Maimouna (3:34) 
2. Boubakala (4:43) 
3. Badjourou (4:01) 
4. Kabou (4:18) 
5. Nalésonko (5:54) 
6. KalataDiata (5:23) 
7. N'tomikorobougou (10:23) 
8. Asa Branca (3:12) 
9. Kalanso (3:18)

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