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Cheb i Sabbah - La Kahena - Les Voix du Maghreb - 2005

La Kahena is one of the most celebrated albums by Algerian artist and DJ Cheb i Sabbah that was a turn towards its North African roots (Arabic, Jewish and Berber - Amazigh-), masterfully illustrating the enormous cultural diversity of North Africa.

Cheb i Sabbah (or DJ Cheb i Sabbah), is the stage name of HaimSerge El Baz, a Jew of Berber descent (Amazigh) from Constantine, Algeria, where he was born. Having moved to Paris in the 1960s and subsequently settled in San Francisco, he became a DJ almost by chance. It was in his search for ways to find rhythms for dance floors when he dared to mix African, Asian and Arabic music, in a context in which the so-called "world music" began to have a wider diffusion, outside of the fields and specialized media.

Having published four CDs with great adaptations of traditional musicians and classical training to the new sounds of the dance floors, he decides to return to his homeland and collect new original materials for his most ambitious and original project, La Kahena (2005).

Recorded in Marrakesh, San Francisco, New York and New Delhi, with contributions from fusion musicians such as Bill Laswell, Richard Horowitz, KarshKale or Mercan Dede, eight artists from the Maghreb from diverse backgrounds participate in the eight tracks: Cheba Zahouania, B'Net Marrakech ("The Girls of Marrakech"), BrahimElbelkani, Ouled Ben Aguida, KhadijaOthmani, Michal Cohen and Nadia. Cheb i Sabbah adds his own "DJ science" making it an absolutely original and innovative project. A great mix of vocal and persuasive rhythms of the Maghreb.

Recently, in 2012, Samaya: A BenefitAlbumforCheb I Sabbah has been published, in which great artists of global music participate (KailashKher, Natacha Atlas, KarshKale, TransglobalUnderground, Mercan Dede, Azam Ali & Loga RaminTorkian ...) contributing themes and Exclusive remixes to raise funds and help Cheb and Sabbah in their fight against cancer. It can be obtained at Amazon and Amazon Spain

01. esh 'dani, alashmshit: whydid i followhim?
02. Sadats: saints of marrakesh
03. touratoura
04. I - alla al 'hbab: blessed be my friends II - hajti fi gurini: longing for my lover
05. madhassalhin: praising of the saints
06. I - alkherilladoffor: peace is found behind wounds II - ad izayanugass: what will happen will happen
07. imninalou: if the doors are locked
08. jarat fil hub: love'schalice

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