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M - Lamomali - 2017

Matthieu Chédid, also known as –M-, is a French composer, singer, producer, photographer and guitarist of Egyptian and Lebanese roots, raised as one of the most important, respected and admired musicians in French-speaking countries.
Chédid discovered Mali thanks to his friendship with the pair of Malian singers Amadou & Mariam and, over the years, the African country became his muse. His sixth album (2017), musical bridge with Africa, was born from another friendship. MathieuChedid created and recorded this project entitled Lamomali (contraction of "l´âmeau Mali", the soul of Mali) with two Malian legends of the kora: ToumaniDiabaté and his son SidikiDiabaté. In addition, it has the participation of an authentic who is who of singers and instrumentalists from all over the African continent (for example, YoussouN'Dour, Amadou & Mariam or FatoumataDiawara) and also with great international names such as Santigold, Jain, Ibrahim Maalouf, Seu Jorge , PhillipeJaroussky and the French rapper and poet OxmoPuccino.

Lamomali is a generous invitation to discover the energy and light of Mali. A kaleidoscopic, cosmopolitan and foreign work to any generic label that can be put on it.

01. Manitoumani - M, SidikiDiabaté, FatoumataDiawara
02. Bal De Bamako – M, FatoumataDiawara, OxmoPuccino
03. Cet Air – M, FatoumataDiawara
04. Interlude
05. UneÂme – M, FatoumataDiawara
06. Le Bonheur – Philippe Jaroussky, KerfalaKanté
07. Solidarité – Santigold, -M-, Hiba Tawaji, Ibrahim Maalouf, Seu Jorge, Nekfeu, YoussouN´Dour, Sanjay Khan, Chacha
08. ToiMoi – M, FatoumataDiawara, Louis Chédid
09. L´Âme Au Mali – M, Amadou&Mariam, Jain
10. Mama – Mamani Keita, MoribaDiabaté
11. Koman Le Héros

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