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M´Barka Ben Taleb - Altocalore– 2005

Born in Tunisia but based in Italy since 1989, M'Barka Ben Taleb is an example of the sound transversality of the so-called world music. Altocalore, his first solo album, is an incandescent mix of sonorities and atmospheres of the South with current melodic sounds: Arabic, Neapolitan ... sweepingly Mediterranean.

M’Barka Ben Taleb has lived for a long time in Naples and has collaborated with many artists from the Neapolitan music scene such as Tony Esposito, Eugenio Bennato, PietraMontercorvino and the band Musicanova.
Inspired by Maghreb sounds and skilled in the absorption of Mediterranean sounds, in 2002 he founded Altocalore together with Erasmo Petringa and Marcello Vitale, a movement that emphasizes the multiethnic dimension of today's society.

From his participation in the prestigious "Carosone Prize" of the Italian Rai 1, his new artistic idea is born, "Melting Worlds", Neapolitan songs sung in Arabic and arranged with sounds from North Africa to highlight the musical peculiarities of the two cultures, only seemingly distant and yet deeply linked. And it is this idea that leads John Turturro to make her the protagonist of his film "Passione" (2010), musical postcard about a city, Naples, a great musical documentary about the history of the Neapolitan song and the way of feeling of the Neapolitan people .
M’Barka sings, dances and plays the darbuka, quanun and oud, mixing strength and delicacy, tradition and modernity. His musical project demonstrates the powerful union between Mediterranean cultures where they are also combined with ancient Arabic songs.

M´Barka also collaborates with other musicians such as AbdullahChhadeh, Lino Cannavacciuolo, Gigi De Rienzo and Gigi Finizio (with whom M’Barka Ben Taleb makes a duet on the song "ZeruZeruNapoli"), and who also participate in Altocalore.

Tracks list:
01. Al Fager
02. Yawi
03. Tozeur
04. Indifferentemente
05. Amra
06. Farah
07. Zeru Zeru Napoli
08. Festa Di Santi
09. Altocalore
10. Da Yirbik
11. Yasmar

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