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Asa - Beautiful Imperfection - 2010

In a moment of full expansion and with a great variety of experiences under his belt, Asa elaborates his second album, BeautifulImperfection, in an absolutely positive and vital tone.

After the significant success (especially in Europe) of his previous homonymous work of 2007 full of acoustic soul / pop, we meet again with the soft and steamy voice of this artist, who sought comfort to the harsh reality of his childhood in his imagination and intelligence hoping to someday achieve his dreams of musical stardom.

With a new image, a reflection of his own evolution as a person, he is committed to a change in his (more poppy) sound that allows him to express his most intimate and optimistic vision of life; happier and happier tones although social problems are still present in his speech: "My first work reflected my mood at the time. I had a lot to talk about - political and social issues. On this occasion I felt different, I wanted to create something let people out of this pessimistic mood that invades us and try to encourage them to the fullest. "

The album was created in Lagos, where the artist found her inspiration, so the album is strictly about its place of origin; in fact, he sings again in English and Yoruba, his native language. Surprise with his first single, "Be MyMan", a track at a good pace that dives directly into the soul roots of the sixties. Another representative theme of the album is "WhyCan´tWe", adorned with guitar strokes and beautiful harmonies, which conveys what the spirit of the album is: the optimism of the simple, a more affordable album for all audiences, carefree in appearance but without stopping touching, from time to time, the claim. About the title of the album, Asa comments: "The world has infinite imperfections, but, somehow, that is what makes it so beautiful. Besides, I think that only if we accept that it is imperfect, can we try to make it a better place for everyone. " The best songs, without a doubt, those sung in Yoruba ("Bimpé", "Oré" and "Broda Olé").

Tracks list:
01. Why Can’t We
02. Maybe
03. Be My Man
04. Preacher Man
05. Bimpé
06. The Way I Feel
07. OK OK
08. Dreamer Girl
09. Oré
10. Baby Gone
11. Broda Olé
12. Questions

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