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Carmen Souza - Protegid - 2010

Carmen Souza is another of the young exponents of that magnificent generation of Portuguese singers and composers of Cape Verdean origin. Protegid is his third album, sung in Portuguese Creole, where he displays his impressive voice impregnated with the melodies of his culture structured in the most contemporary jazz that can be performed.

Recorded in Portugal, France, Canada and USA, and produced by TheoPas´cal, Protegid has the collaboration of prominent artists from all over the world (in addition to his band) such as Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, Brazilian Cláudio Cesar Lima Ribeiro (guitar ), the Argentine Sebastian Sheriff (percussion), the French Marc Berthoumieux and the Portuguese João Frade to the accordion, the British Derek Johnson (guitar), the Palestinian AdelSalameh (oud), the Portuguese Tora Tora Big Band ...

With this team, Carmen Souza performs a work that moves between the limits of ethnic music (especially in its Cape Verdean roots), worldmusic, Afro-Latin rhythms and jazz, as he did in his previous works (Ess ê nha Cabo Green and True)

With songs written by Carmen herself and with music by TheoPas´cal, the album features a magnificent version of the original song by Cesária Évora "Sodade", while "SongFormyFather" is a review of the classic jazz theme by HoraceSilver. And the rest of the songs give a sound full of winks to Afro-Latin rhythms and a jazz hall, resulting in jazz fusion accompanied by incredible vocal inflections with its right point of phrasing. A perfect combination made with elegance and sophistication.

01. M´sta Li MaBô
02. AfriKá
03. Dos Eternidade
04. Tentê Midj
05. Protegid
06. D´xamessmoment
07. Sodade
08. Song For my Father
09. Kem ê Bô
10. Magia catem
11. Decison
12. Mara Marga

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