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Dawda Jobarteh - Northern Light Gambian Night - 2011

Dawda Jobarteh presents her first solo album, Northern Light Gambian Night, a delicate and beautiful album in which the kora is the protagonist, along with the guitar, bass, some occasional flute and a subtle chorus of female vocals.

Member of the great family dynasty of the Kora of the Gambia (son of Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, grandson of Alhaji Bai Konteh, nephew of Malamini Jobarteh and Dembo Konteh, and uncle of Sona Jobarteh), for this collection Dawda has created a rich and original sound , helped by international collaborators such as the extraordinarily versatile Danish guitarist Carlsen Preben and the Ghanian bassist Nana Osibio, along with brief appearances such as that of John McLaughlin's former flutist, Shashank Subrinayan, and Toumani Diabaté.

In Northern Light Gambian Night, "Karang Folo", traditional, is something like "a first lesson of kora that must be passed when it begins." "Nkanakele", a song for his children, expresses his concern about wars and exploitation, creating a meditative dream atmosphere. Dawda's magic kora is intertwined, perfectly, with Carlsen's guitar, revealing a deep knowledge of the tuning of instruments and melodies, along with the underlying bass of Nana Osibio in most of the songs, and the voices of Maria & Marie-Line Marolany (singers of Salif Keita's band). In most of the subjects the lyrics have a similar charge, as in "Nakano" (My Love), where he denounces the pain caused by polygamy, which does not stop subtracting even one iota of sweetness to the disc. And closing, an exceptional duet with the great Toumani Diabaté recorded in Mali. Everything, produced by himself.

Tracks list:
01. Namo
02. Tama Silo
03. Bamba Bojang
04. Sama Kebbalu
05. Karang Folo
06. Dinding Do
07. Tama Silo (acoustic)
08. Nkanakele
09. Nakano
10. Yankouba
11. Mbassi
12. Duwa
13. Tabara (with Toumani Diabaté)

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