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Grupo Medusa - 1981

1 - Baiana
Cláudio Bertrami
2 - Zeby
Cláudio Bertrami
3 - Caminhos
Cláudio Bertrami
4 - Medusa
Chico Medori
5 - Pé no Chão
Chico Medori
6 - Asa Delta
Chico Medori – Cláudio Bertrami
7 - Uma Viagem
Chico Medori – Cláudio Bertrami
8 - Ponto de Fusão
Cláudio Bertrami

Amilson Godoy - Chico Medori - Cláudio Bertrami - Heraldo do Monte - Theo da Cuíca - JorginhoCebion


Grupo Medusa illuminated Brazilian instrumental production with only two LPs. This one, which is here, is the first, the second was Ferrovias, launched in 1983. The repertoire is based on the fusion between Jazz and Brazilian music, with the compositions of Cláudio Bertrami and Chico Medori as flagships.

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