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Mokoomba - Rising Tide - 2012

Mokoomba is a young group from Zimbabwe that brings us an electrifying mix of Afro-fusion and traditional rhythms of the Tonga minority of the country, a disc that emanates euphoric youthful energy, natural musical talent and contagious rhythm. They choose the name of Mokoomba to show the deep respect that the people of Tonga have for the Zambeze River and Victoria Falls, and show us the energy and dynamism that this geographical feature imprints on their music and culture.

RisingTide (2012) shows us the excellent work on the guitar of TrustworthSamende and the vocal skills of its leader, MathiasMuzaza, in sentimental and rhythmic songs that evoke the country's greatest musical hero, Oliver Mtukudzi, with sounds from West Africa, African salsa, Reggae, funk and rap. The excellent production is from the great Manou Gallo, from Ivory Coast, who was previously bassist and guitarist of Zap Mama. In this work he directs and produces musically, completing the sounds with keyboards and with the work of thirteen guest artists who contribute kora, flutes, saxos and cello.

Pan-African sound of the best, a music rooted in its reality open to the rhythms of the world.

01. Njoka
02. Masangango
03. Mangongo
04. Mwile
05. Misozi
06. Yombe
07. Nimukonda
08. Ndundule
09. Manunge
10. Mabemba
11. Mvula
12. Welelye

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