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Nass El Ghiwane - La légende - Best of - 2007

Nass El Ghiwane appeared in the 70s of the twentieth century, of humble origin from one of the most popular neighborhoods of the great Casablanca. Considered as revolutionary and social phenomenon, the mythical training continues in active after 30 years, and continues to move much of the current youth of his country. Nass El Ghiwane did not imagine, in its beginnings, what his songs were going to awaken in the public of the seventies, difficult years in the socio-political plane, becoming the voice of the oppressed people. At a time when a simple statement led to the police station, Nass El Ghiwane denounced the people responsible for corruption with their letters and demanded justice that would never come.

Culturally, they adopted a "non-traditional" style along with tradition: heritage had to be remodeled to create texts based on social issues. Musically, its bases include all the diversity of traditional Moroccan music, mixing gnawa sounds with aïssawa and peasant and Berber music, based on simple traditional instruments. The success of Nass El Ghiwane is not limited to Morocco but to the other North African countries, attributing the birth of raï to the influence of the Ghiwani movement on the young people of Oran. Awesome.

01. Saifna Oulla Chatwa
02. Kittati
03. Essinia
04. El Hassada
05. EchemsEttalaa
06. Arraghaya
07. Dayine
08. YoumeMalqak
09. OuaEnnadi Ana
10. SifAlbattar
11. Nerjak Ana
12. Ya Bani Insane
13. KessetLaagouz
14. Oulad El Alam
15. Taghounja
16. Zad El Ham
17. Essalama
18. Ahafine
19. Dellal
20. Essamta
21. Leskam
22. EdemEssail
23. Khadra
24. GhadiFhali
25. LahmounHrafti
26. AlliOuKhalli
27. FirihabMaalik
28. Ya Men Jana

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