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Ravid Kahalani - Yemen Blues - 2011

Yemen Blues is a fascinating project by Ravid Kahalani, a meeting point between the traditional melodies of its Yemeni origins with aromas of jazz, funk and blues and with the music of West Africa that, together with modern compositions and arrangements, make up an impressive and amazing musical experience.
Yemen Blues was founded by Ravid Kahalani, a very talented Israeli singer who grew up in a traditional Yemeni family. He learned the traditional language and songs of his origins and incorporated his experiences in the genres of the blues and soul of West Africa from the Sahara desert to the songs of classical opera and African-American blues.
Ravid along with OmerAvital, prestigious bassist and composer, shaped Yemen Blues, a group of excellent musicians from New York, Israel and Uruguay.
Yemen Blues concerts are a celebration of African rhythms, of Yemeni songs, a new musical experience with innovative sounds full of deep emotions and message.

AviLebovich (Israel) - Trombone
Itamar Borochov (New York) – Trumpet
Rony Iwryn (Israel/Uruguay) – LatinPercusion
Itamar Doari (Israel) – Mid East Percusion
Hilla Epstein (Israel) - Cello
Galia Hai (Israel) - Viola
HadarNoiberg (New York) - Flute
Omer Avital (New York) – Oud, Bass, Vocals
RavidKahalani (Israel) – Vocals, Percusion

Tracks list:
01. Wamid
02. Eli
03. Um Min Al Yaman
04. Yemen Blues
05. Jat Mahibathi
06. Trape La Verite
07. Min Kalbi
08. Yoducha
09. Baraca
10. At Va´ani (bonustrack)

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