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Sierra Leone´s Refugee All Stars - Rise & Shine - 2010

Rise & Shine is the second disc of Sierra Leone’s Refugee AllStars, a solid album with semi-acoustic shots along with elaborate songs with mixtures worthy of the best production, rhythms that are born from the roots of Jamaican reggae to flow into the most African soukous.

The band was founded in the refugee camps in Guinea, where a good part of the people escaped from the merciless civil war that took place in their country of origin between 1991 and 2002. This atrocious conflict produced, apart from a horrible suffering , thousands of refugees who scattered throughout the border countries.
Since then, Sierra Leone’s RefugeeAllStars’s commitment is to denounce that war in which there are only only economic reasons behind: the control of diamond production. Living like a refugee (2006), his brilliant debut, tells the hard stories of survival and overcoming to be able to give continuity to their lives onwards, accompanied by a documentary that immortalized the trip to nowhere in the town of Sierra Leone.
Four years later, Rise & Shine shows a radical change of perspective, directing its gaze to the issues that concern this whole globalized world; the global threat of climate change, disarmament or food shortages. And much closer themes, such as the corruption that appeared after the end of the war and the inequality that prevails in his beloved Sierra Leone, in addition to some hopeful love song.

This new album, which began recording in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and was completed in New Orleans, features the invaluable work of producer Steve Berlin. "Bute Vange" was recorded at the Fuji Rock Festival in Nigata (Japan), and "WatchingAllYoursWays" in Sutton, Canada (around a campfire!). The group, an octet led by Reuben M. Koroma, performs an amazing fusion between traditional West African music and reggae, seasoned with other rhythms such as rap, ragga, ska, soukous (African rumba), Guinean rhythms and spiritualist songs and religious, with the collaboration of the metals of TheBoneramaHorns, of New Orleans. It is worth recreating with "Living Stone" and "Tamagbondorsu". And as a result, a great job full of hope and fun for general enjoyment, a hymn to the redeeming power of the music of people who don't give up.

Tracks list:
01. Muloma (Let Us Be United)
02. Global Threat
03. Oruwiebie/Magazine Bobo Medley
04. Living Stone
05. Dununya (The World)
06. Jah Mercy
07. Tamagbondorsu
08. ButeVange
09. Jah Come Down
10. Bend Down The Corner
11. Goat Smoke Pipe
12. Gbrr Mani (Trouble)
13. Watching All Your Ways

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