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Sophia Charaï - Pichu - 2011

The name of SophiaCharaï has long been circulating in the Parisian underground circuit. People remember their music full of enthusiasm, songs that appeal to diverse styles, Zingaras guitars, rhythms that oscillate between the languid Portuguese fado, French chanson and Latin American sounds that surround a very personal, strong and expressive voice. And as a backdrop, his "Moroccanism" that he carries, not as a national flag, but as a musical reference. Undoubtedly, Pichu is, by the personal work, its freshness and capacity for wonder, one of the albums of the year 2011.

Born in Casablanca, she has traveled through photography and theater, which explains her fascinating power on stage. His second album Pichu, finished in December 2010, is sung in Moroccan and a little French, and could be the soundtrack of a film filmed jointly by Pedro Almodóvar and Emir Kusturica. Performed by MathiasDuplessy (which displays its virtuosity as a multi-instrumentalist: guitars, banjo, oud, flute, duduk, gombri, santur, accordion, percussion ...), which also composes the songs together with Sophia and Mohamed Zemmouri, and also has The participation of the Macedonian Radio Orchestra (directed by IvanIllic), Pichu sees the light to distort the world, identities and customs. Thirteen themes that reveal the spells of union music, which resemble their wandering artistic life, and that only mixed race people get. Topics that are savored wishing to hear the following to feel the surprise they hold.

SophiaCharaï is a jazz singer who ventured into the music of the world, a vocalist from the South who again blurs the contours of globalization with her Mediterranean vitality, her communicative capacity and her eagerness to cross borders with her colorful and enthusiastic musical luggage.

Tracks list:
01. Pichu-Pichu
02. Casa
03. Dalamouni
04. UnP´tit Chouïa
05. Bouhali
06. Rouhi Marhouna
07. Mêle Ta Langue
08. Raksa
09. Khoud Iddiya Intro
10. Khoud Iddiya
11. Habiba
12. Dokak
13. Cow Girl 

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