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Varios Artistas - Usiende Ukalale: Omutibo From Rural Kenya

"Omutibo", an exclusively Kenyan acoustic guitar style, was invented by George Mukabi in the late 1950s, and quickly adapted by its neighbors in a region that proved to be truly fertile for guitarists. In 2016, Cyrus Moussavi (RawMusic International) was established along the banks of the Yala River to document the songs of the old days. Recorded in locations and courtyards, these are the songs and stories of a golden age of Kenya on the verge of Independence, beautifully resurrected by the composers themselves, more than 50 years later. With presentations and interviews by: JohnstoneOukoMukabi, ShemTube, FanuelAmimo, Jimmy Bongo, SukumaBinOngaro, Peter Akwabi, ZachariahOmufumbwa, OmariMachio and JohaniasKiunya.

1. Jimmy Bongo - Lumumba Is Dead 02:30
2. Omari Machio - Usiende Ukalale (Don't Sleep) 01:46
3. Johnstone Ouko Mukabi - Nili Kwenda Safari (I Went For A Journey) 03:16
4. Zachariah Omufumbwa - Ndogo Ndogo (Small Ladies) 05:17
5. Fanuel Amimo - Ndeshela Omwana (Leave The Child With Me) 02:57
6. Jimmy Bongo - Mulochi (The Curser) 03:43
7. Fanuel Amimo - Dickson Omuranda 04:11
8. Johnstone Ouko Mukabi - Kwetu George (I, George) 02:48
9. Shem Tupe - Adui (Enemy) 05:33
10. Zachariah Omufumbwa - Ndarula Ebutsetse (I Left Ebutsetse) 05:08
11. Sukuma BinOngaro - Mama Lucy 06:01
12. Johnstone Ouko Mukabi - Kwetu George 02:48
13. Peter Akwabi - Malenya 02:58
14. Johanias Kiunya - Mungu Nisaidie (God Help Me) 07:45 

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