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Alsarah & The Nubatones - Silt - 2014

Silt (2014) is the first work of Sudanese vocalist Alsarah and her band TheNubatones. Considered as the "New Nubian Pop Star" by the British newspaper TheGuardian, composer and ethnomusicologist Alsarah describes the sound of her recording as East African Retro Pop, music that drinks from the sounds of the 60′s and 70′s of Nubian music, belonging to the region located in southern Egypt and northern Sudan.
Alsarah, a Sudanese by birth and currently based in Brooklyn, New York, is the main voice of the group; It is part of the group of artists that promote the culture of the Nile, Nile Project. On the other hand, the Los Nubatones project was cooked in the middle of a conversation about music from North Africa between Alsarah and percussionist Rami El Aasser in the latter's living room. Later HaigManoukian, a great oud teacher, and bassist MawuenaKodjovi joined.
Silt has its roots in the diaspora that the Nubian population suffered when the Egyptian government built Aswan High Dam in 1970, a dike to control the flooding of the Nile River, which in turn flooded large areas between northern North Sudan and Southern Egypt It is the forgotten music of the Sudan of the 60s and 70s, songs whose theme is exile by force and the nostalgic past disappeared. Especially touching sounds "Oud Solo" by HaigManoukian, even more so after hearing the news of his sad disappearance in early April 2014.

In short, Silt is a proposal that stands out as a very good way to review the past with respect, incorporating modernity and facing the future with originality.
01. Habibi Taal (Traditional)
02. Soukura (It's Late) (Alsarah)
03. Nuba Noutou (Traditional)
04. Oud Solo (Haig Manoukian)
05. Bilad Aldahb (Ahmed Mounib)
06. Fugu (Shams Alhurria) (Alsarah)
07. Rennat (Alsarah)
08. Wad Alnuba ft. Sounds of Taraab (Alsarah / Black Star Musical Club)
09. Yanas Baridou (Traditional)
10. Nuba Drums (Solo) (Rami El-Aasser)
11. Jibal Alnuba (Traditional)

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