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Gnawa Bambara & Maâlem Abdenbi El Gadari - Sidi Mimoun - 2006

Maâlem Abdenbi El Gadari, a native of Marrakech and resident in Casablanca, edited Sidi Mimoun with his group Gnawa Bambara in Italy, in 2006, produced by Davide Ferrari. Habitual of the great music festivals of the world in Europe, and essential in the "Gnawa Festival of Essaouira", his style refers to both the Gnawa traditions of Marrakech and the most urban of Casablanca.

Accompanied by the tabal (drum), qraqeb (double metal castanets) and the guembri (three-string instrument and bass sound), the desert footprint becomes evident in the structure of their performances, in which the rhythmic melodies of the tabal accompany the characteristic call-answer songs and the palms of the choir.

01. Chorfa
02. Bambara
03. Giungouba
04. SasadiManayou
05. La Ghmami
06. Foullani
07. Kakani
08. Lallayamma
09. Barmayou
10. Youbati
11. Elfatha
12. Benh'Sain

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