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Mariza - Terra - 2008

Mariza is the stage name of Mariza dos Reis Nunes, fado singer, one of the most popular in Portugal and one of the Portuguese artists with the most international projection. A Portuguese father and a Mozambican mother, she began to be recognized in 1999 following the death of the greatest fadista in history, Amália Rodrigues, in whose posthumous tributes Mariza participated.

He released his first album in 2001, Fado emmim, which hit quadruple platinum in Portugal. Fado curvo followed in 2003, establishing her as an artist and giving her international success (for these two works she received the Gold Medal of the Portuguese Ministry of Tourism and the distinctive Artist of the Year by the Association of Marketing Executives in Portugal). In 2005 he published Transparent. In November 2005, this album was published in Spain with two versions in Spanish: Hay una música del pueblo (along with singer José Mercé) and Mi fado mío. In 2006 his live recorded DVD Concertoem Lisboa was released, nominated for the Grammy Awards for best folk album. Thanks to this magnificent career, she has been nominated as an ambassador for the Fado candidacy for the UNESCO program "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity", and winner of the "BBC Radio 3 Awardsfor WorldMusic" as Best European Artist in 2003, 2005 and 2006.

After having worked with Jorge Fernando, Carlos Maria Trindade and Jacques Morelenbaum, Mariza chose the Spanish Javier Limón as producer for Terra, published in 2008. Terra is, according to Mariza herself, her greatest work, the album in which she has most grown at an interpretive level and in which she has faced new challenges (mixing with flamenco and morna, jazz and folk music) that make her once again the ambassador of fado throughout the world. For this he has had several collaborations, the Portuguese fado guitars of Bernardo Couto and Diogo Clemente are joined by the British guitarist Dominic Miller (one of Sting's musicians for the last twenty years), three pianists (the Brazilian Ivan Lins and the Cubans Chucho Valdés and Iván "Melón" Lewis), Javier Limón's own flamenco guitar, and the Spanish percussionist Piraña (Paco de Lucía's favorite percussionist). Mariza's voice mixes with that of Tito Paris (Cape Verde) and Concha Buika's voice, amply demonstrating her mastery of the genre and her ability to convey passion and sadness mixed with joy through her powerful voice.

Tracks list:
01. Já Me Deixou
02. Minh´Alma
03. Rosa Branca
04. Recurso
05. Beijo De Saudade (con Tito Paris)
06. Vozes Do Mar
07. Fronteira
08. Alfama
09. Tasco Da Mouraria
10. Alma De Vento
11. Se Eu MandasseNasPalavras
12. As Guitarras
13. Pequenas Verdades (con Concha Buika)
14. Morada Aberta

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