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Orquesta Andalusí de Tanger y Juan Peña Lebrijano - Encuentros - 1985

Juan Peña Fernández, "El Lebrijano", singer, member of a gypsy family and singer of rancid ancestry, that of Perrate de Utrera.

He was immediately considered one of the best singers of this time. To his round voice and beautiful timbre he combined a hobby and knowledge that allowed him to study and masterfully interpret the most different styles. Knowing orthodox cante so deeply, his artistic concern led him to seek the introduction of innovations in an art usually cornered by the immovable tradition defended by purists. Some personal artistic companies of Lebrijano have been a consequence of this renovating philosophy of the singer.

Encuentros (1985), in which he explores the potential points of coincidence of flamenco with North African music, is one of the first works, in our country, of fusion between flamenco and Arab-Andalusian music, accompanied by Paco's guitar Cepero and the Andalusí Orchestra of Tangier. With lyrics by the poet José Manuel Caballero Bonald, it is a vital, rich and interesting album that, for many people, is summed up in songs as endearing as "El Anillo (Chibuli)".

1. Vivir un cuento de hadas
2. Dame la libertad
3. Las mil y una noches
4. Desafío
5. El anillo (chibuli)
6. Pensamientos
7. Amigo mío, no
8. Esos ojos asesinos

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