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Steve Shehan & Baly Othmani - Assarouf - 1997

Assarouf (forgiveness, 1997) and Assouf (nostalgia, 1995), are two of the works jointly edited by Steve Shehan and the late Baly Othmani, an Algerian Berber artist and teacher of the oud.
Steve Shehan, producer, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, member of Hadouk Trio, known worldwide for his extraordinary collaboration with Omar Faruk Tekbilek in Alif (2002) and for his studio work alongside Brian Eno, John McLaughlin, Vangelis, Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon , Vangelis, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Rokia Traoré, has composed and produced more than 15 albums and movie soundtracks in over twenty years. Rooted in both worldmusic and jazz, his compositions combine sounds from East Asia, Latin, African, and Indonesian influences.
Shehan, who has Irish and Cherokee blood, speaks fourteen languages and plays dozens of percussion instruments, plus guitar, bass, and piano. Fascinated by sounds, it combines sophisticated techniques with metal, wood and glass bells. For Steve Shehan, music is a way of communication between peoples, whatever their language, culture or religion.

Steve Shehan and Baly Othmani manage to create in Assouf and Assarouf the expression of life in the desert. Fascinating, beautiful music (Baly Othmani provides the perfect vocal accompaniment), highly recommended for anyone who wants to lose themselves in the rhythms and melodies of the Algerian Sahara.

Tracks list:
01. Phone call from Djanet
02. Amin Amin
03. Azouieghillougan
04. Maïgadaghtoughdahin
05. Assarouf
06. Taddeghaltara
07. Tannamertn'yalla
08. Tamalla
09. Taré (awalinalmadsaras)
10. Damaa
11. Ténéré (anmattaf s fassen)

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