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Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Fire Dance - 1990

Omar Faruk Tekbilek, one of the main representatives of oriental music, has more than a dozen albums to his credit, and the album Fire Dance (1990) is one of the most applauded in his career. Second album of his international career, it was his second production with Brian Keane (famous composer and musician who ventures into the music of esoteric, Celtic and Tibetan veins) after his celebrated debut with Süleyman The Magnificent (1988), soundtrack of the movie of the same title.

This album can be interpreted as a natural progression from Süleyman, Faruk and Keane's experimentation with instruments from the Middle East and North Africa along with guitars, synthesizers and sophisticated orchestrations, expanding their attention from Turkey to include music from North Africa, Egypt and other Arab and Middle Eastern sources, without distancing himself from the styles that marked and shaped his career in its beginnings, such as Zingara or Sufi music.

Tracks list:
01. Somewhere in the Sahara
02. OğlanBoyun
03. A Call to Prayer
04. Desert Twilight
05. A Passage East
06. Song of the Pharaohs
07. Beledy
08. Fire Dance
09. Ask
10. Village Song
11. Modern Mystics
12. Sahara (reprise)
13. Spirit of the Ancestors
14. Halay

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