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Calypso - Vintage Songs From the Caribbean - 2002

Calypso (2002) is a Putumayo collection that includes Calypso classics and popular songs from the golden era of Caribbean music.
In the 1950s, calypso and other Caribbean folk styles had international repercussions, after the release of "Calypso" by Harry Belafonte in 1956, one of the best-selling records in history. From then on, artists from Barbados, Trinidad, the Bahamas, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands became interested in this new audience. Thus, the rhythms, catchy melodies and double meaning lyrics of Caribbean music reached millions of North American homes.

This album brings us a selection of classics from the legendary ART Records, as well as other gems from various periods of Caribbean musical history. Calypso goes back half a century, to a romantic era that seemed to have been lost in time.

Tracks list:
01. Don't Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette - Bahamas
02. Yes, Yes, Yes - Calypso Mama - Bahamas
03. Take Me Back To Jamaica - The Jolly Boys - Jamaica
04. Crazy Like Mad - Leslie Scott & Irene Williams - Bahamas
05. Peas And Rice - Blind Blake And His Royal Victorians - Bahamas
06. Linstead Market - Lord Composer - Jamaica
07. No More Rocking And Rolling - King Sparrow - Grenada
08. Goombay Drum - The Percentie Brothers - Bahamas
09. Fed-A-Ray - Lord Beginner - Trinidad
10. Kim - Lord Shorty - Trinidad
11. Little Nassau/Bahama Mama - Andre Toussaint – Haiti/Bahamas
12. Barbados Carnival - Mighty Panther - Trinidad
13. J.P. Morgan - The Percentie Brothers - Bahamas
14. The Limbo Song - Frankie Anderson - Bahamas
15. It's Always Springtime In Nassau - Delbon Johnson - Bahamas

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