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Ebo Taylor - Yen Ara - 2018 - Ghana

Ghanaian legend Ebo Taylor returns with perhaps his best album to date. But don't take our word for it. That comes directly from the man himself. And he should know after more than 60 years in business.

Listen to Yen Ara and you won't just hear the high-energy afrobeat, sweethighlife, jazz, and konkoma influences he's famous for. There is also a disco pulse and strong percussion on the tracks, produced by Justin Adams (Tinariwen, Rachid Taha, Robert Plant) and recorded in the Electric Monkey Studio room in Amsterdam. An Ebo Taylor for these times, you might say.

His group, Salt Pod City Band, are all chosen local musicians who present two of their children. A proper lineup on an album whose titles mean "we". And they're in good shape, ripping tracks like 'Krumandey' (a sure-fire party starter) and 'Mind Your Own Business' (a simple message delivered over a frenetic drum beat).

Furthermore, 'AboaKyirbin' will please fans of afrobeatgrooves, while Taylor might be inciting riots at his next gig with 'Mumudey Mumudey', we hear him call for 'preshaaah' and it brings us to a call and response like la trumpet takes us higher. And the raising of those horns in 'Ankoma'm' evokes some of his best work such as 'Love & Death' and 'Come Along', the latter recorded with the Pelikans and featured in a recent Mr Bongo reissue.

1. Poverty No Good /
2. Mumudey Mumudey /
3. Krumandey /
4. Aboa Kyirbin /
5. Mind Your Own Business /
6. Ankoma'm /
7. Abenkwan Puchaa /
8. Yen Ara /
9. Aba Yaa

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