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Hasna el Becharia - Djazair Johara - 2001

Hasna el Becharia is a committed, free-spirited and non-conformist woman. An artist born in southern Algeria who, from a young age, felt the need to go against the current and defend, with her music and her courageous attitude, the rights of women in Algeria and the Sahara. Heir to a lineage of Gnawa musicians, her first rebellious step was to learn, hidden, to play the guembri, a string instrument of Gnawa origin reserved only for men. The next, to bring to life music of extraordinary rhythms accompanied by acoustic and electric guitar, inviting, with the traditional sounds of gnawa, to enter in transit, interpreting popular songs and personal compositions.

After thirty years of career, Hasna's first album, Djazair Johara (2001), full of fast-paced rhythms so typical of the Maghreb and the Sahara, has a strength close to what rock could be. The instrumentation is simple but vibrant and the choirs impressive; the content, all a claiming song.

Tracks list:
1. Bouri Bouri Manandabo
2. Djazaïr Johara/Ah Oueja
3. Koul Chi Al Oualidine
4. Jinger Mama
5. El Lil Lil, El Lilibiya
6. Hakmet Lakdar
7. Lala Y Lala/Ya Loubena
8. Brani Britou
9. Radi Braïde

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