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Miriam Makeba - Mama Africa the very best of - 2001

Makeba began singing in the 1950s with the Manhattan Brothers group, after which she founded her own band, The Skylarks, which mixed jazz with traditional South African music. In 1963, the South African government banned all of her records and prevented her from returning to the country. She lived abroad for almost 30 years, in the United States, Europe and Guinea, until in 1990 Nelson Mandela, after her release, convinced her to return.

Miriam Makeba was the first African woman to win a Grammy in 1965. Two years later, she achieved international fame with the “Pata Pata”, a song inspired by a dance in the Johannesburg shanty town. In 2001, she was awarded the Otto Hahn Peace Prize, awarded by the German UN Association. In 2002 she was awarded the Polar Music Prize by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.

Mama Africa the verybest of Miriam Makeba is a compilation of 25 themes that define her musical career, including her first songs as a member of Manhattan Brothers and The Skylarks. Serve as a tribute to this impressive woman who lived committed to the fight for civil rights and against racism, a delivery that she carried out until the last moment of her life.

Tracks list:
01. Tula Ndivile
02. Laku Tshoni 'Ilanga
03. Ntyilo Ntyilo
04. Holilili
05. Orlando
06. Intandane
07. Live Humble
08. Sindiza Ngecadillacs
09. Phansi Kwalomhlaba
10. Hush
11. Sophiatown Is Gone
12. Miriam and Spokes´ Phatha Phatha
13. Umqokozo
14. Pata Pata
15. Kilimanjaro
16. Thanayi
17. Can't Cross Over
18. Carnival
19. Chicken (Kikirikiki)
20. African Convention
21. I Shall Sing
22. Malaika
23. Jolinkomo
24. West Wind
25. The Click Song

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