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Rajery, Ballake Sissoko, Driss el Maloumi - 3ma - 2008

Three virtuosos of the strings, each on his instrument, have come together to make this delicious album of encounter between African musicians. Rajery, "the prince of the valiha", a tubular zither made from a bamboo cane (the ropes they said were used to be bicycle brake ropes); Ballaké Sissoko with the kora, an African harp made of gourd, and Driss el Maloumi, one of the best composers and performers of Oud, the Arab lute.

3ma comes from the three countries to which the musicians belong, Rajery from Madagascar, Ballaké Sissoko from Mali and Driss el Maloumi from Morocco, achieving a crystalline and evocative sound that they move to places that are only visited with the imagination.

Tracks list:
01. Anfass
02. Awal
03. 3ma
04. Kouroukanfouga
05. Rania
06. Véro
07. Mainte
08. Toufoula
09. Kadiatou
10. Morengy
11. Taxi Brousse
12. Discours de Présidentd'Afrique (bonus)

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