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Souad Massi - Meskelil - 2005

Mesk Elil, published at the end of 2005, is the result of the artistic and cultural baggage wisely combined and enriched by the maturity of the years. For his recording he had outstanding contributions from some musicians such as his faithful guitarist Jean François Kellner, the percussionist Mino Cinelu or the Maltese guitarist Djely Moussa Kouyaté (who accompanied Salif Keita). Ismael Lô, Pascal Danaé, Rabah Khalfa and DabyTouré also collaborated, as well as instrumentalists, with their voices, forming the respective duets with Souad Massi. This select diversity turns the album into a mixture of traditional and current airs that travels from the lands of the Tuareg to the warm Antillean rhythms, providing wealth and quality. A wonderful album where his roots and his passionate mysticism are allied in a moving way in an act of sensitivity and honesty available to few.

As for the lyrics of his songs, most of them written by Souad herself, all of them give off a certain nostalgic tone that does not detract from their beauty. In many of them he remembers his native land from such symbolic things as the intense aroma of the jungle mother that perfumes the Algerian nights (the magnificent "meskelil"); He also dedicates other songs to the memory of some places from his childhood, or to expressing the pain caused by the distance of his loved ones, or he makes an affirmation of identity such as "miwawa", a song he sings with the Mauritanian Daby Touré and in which they proclaim together the desire not to lose their roots. In short, they are songs of exile, an expression of crossed feelings of love for his land and sadness for everything that led him to get away from it.

Mesk Elil is an album full of nuances and influences and, above all, an opportunity to enjoy the deep and captivating voice of this beautiful, generous, sensitive and moving woman, who is overflowing with talent and humanity.

Tracks list:
01. kilyoum (soon)
02. denyawezmen (that´s life)
03. ilham (inspiration)
04. meskelil (honeysuckle)
05. manensaasli (miwawa) (i won´t forget my roots)
06. dardgedi (my grandfather´s house)
07. hagdawalaakter (there´s worse)
08. tell me why
09. khalouni (let me)
10. malou (why is my heart sad)
11. mahli remix

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