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Taj mahal & keb' mo' - Tajmo - 2017 - USA

TajMo marks a timely convergence of the talents of two unique American artists who have already built individual iconoclastic legacies that have broadened and broadened blues traditions in new adventurous territory. The collaboration brings out the best in both artists, combining their voices, personalities, and guitar styles to create vibrant and immediate music, firmly rooted in tradition and governed by a playful sense of adventure. The album features guest appearances by Sheila E., Joe Walsh, Lizz Wright and Bonnie Raitt, who lends her voice to a distinctive cover of John Mayer's anthem "Waiting in the World to Change".

1.Don't Leave Me Here Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 05:02 
2.She Knows How To Rock Me Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 02:40 
3.All Around the World Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 03:22 
4.Om Sweet Om Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' , Lizz Wright 03:35 
5.Shake Me In Your Arms Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 05:58 
6.That's Who I Am Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:17 
7.Diving Duck Blues Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:28 
8.Squeeze Box Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 03:16 
9.Ain't Nobody Talkin' Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 04:00 
10.Soul Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 06:00 
11.Waiting On the World To Change Taj Mahal , Keb' Mo' 02:42

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