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Tor Dietrichson - Global Village - 1987

Tor Dietrichson is a nationally recognized percussionist, singer, songwriter, music educator, and artist with more than 35 years of experience. His extensive knowledge of both the East Indian tabla and the Afro Cuban conga gives him a unique perspective. He has been a recipient of a grant from the State Arts Commission to teach drums and tabla tabla and has received the prestigious Min-On Art Award from Daisaku Ikeda, who is the leader of Soka Gakkai International, a secular Buddhist organization.

At 16, he moved from Seattle to the Bay Area at 18 studying tabla with Zakir Hussain, becoming the youngest member of the legendary Diga Rhythm Band with Zakir Hussain and Mickey Hart drummer for Grateful Dead. They rehearse incessantly on a daily basis, played some great concerts and released the album, Say, in 1976. He also recorded and played with The Grateful Dead, has played in numerous Latin ensembles, including one with Karl Perazzo and Rebeca Mauleón, and directed his Latin-Jazz-Salsa group Thunder God and the Underdogs, which included the legendary pianist Carlos Federico, saxophonist Martín Fierro and guitarist Steve Kimock.

Returning to Seattle in 1982 at age 26, he began his next project. Tambo with this new band showed his talent as a composer and signed a recording contract with Global Pacífic. In 1987 he released with Global Pacífic Global Village the album is distributed worldwide. The album peaked at # 2 on the New Age charts and # 7 on the New Contemporary Music charts. The album featured Zakir Hussain, flutist Paul Horn, guitarist Joaquín Liévano and was produced by acclaimed violinist Steven Kindler, who also played the violin and keyboards on the album.

From Ancient and primitive rhythms to exciting and contemporary compositions, this musical travelogue explores the sounds of Africa, India, Latin America, Persia and the Far East.

Dallas Smith, Paul Horn, Zakir Hussain, Steve Kindler, David Friesen, Joaquin Lievano, Scott Cossu

1. Global Village
2. Rupak
3. Shadow Puppets
4. The Conjurer
5. Tambo
6. Carnival Rhumba
7. Minarets
8. Tabla Tala
9. Khartoum
10. Homeward Journey

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