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Umalali - The Garifuna Women´s Project - 2008

Umalali (which means “voice”), edited in 2008, is part of the project to disseminate the Garifuna culture of musician Andy Palacio and Belize producer Ivan Duran, where the leading role is that of the women - who put their voices - from “ The Garifuna Women's Project ”. The gestation of the record work spanned ten years. Its producer, Iván Durán, invested the first five in touring the various countries where some vestige of Garifuna culture is preserved, observing traditional festivals and ceremonies and going to their houses to hear them sing in their everyday environment. He discovered, he explains, not only voices of extraordinary beauty but also the strength and courage of those anonymous women who are the main responsible for spreading the history of their people through their songs. It took five more to capture all that richness on an album and manage to match the essence of those traditional voices and rhythms with the contemporary air of Durán's own arrangements.

The tour of the different countries with a Garifuna population is clearly perceived in the various themes, as well as the variety of influences of this culture. Traditional percussions are mixed with the sounds of the strings of the jarana, with the African rhythms and with the Caribbean rumba, especially highlighting the impressive voices of the women, sometimes torn, sometimes sweet and mellow, but always charged with emotion and feeling.
Tracks list:
01. nibari (my grandchild)
02. mérua
03. yündüyaweyu (the sun has set)
04. barübanayagien (take me away)
05. hattie
06. luwübürisigala (hills of tegucigalpa)
07. anahaya (here i am)
08. tuguchilielia (elia´s father)
09. fuleisei (favours)
10. uruwei (the government)
11. áfayahádina (i have traveled)
12. lirunbiganute (sad news)

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